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Full Day Tour

Discover Vang Vieng

Tour starts at 9am. We will travel around 12km north of Vang Vieng to Hmong Villge (Ban Phatao).

After visiting the village, we will then trek 30 minutes through rice fields and beautiful mountains. We will then make a stop at the Elephant Adventure Village to visit the Water Cave and have some lunch

Tham Nam (Water Cave) is the highlight of the cluster of caves near Vang Vieng. The cave is about 500m long and we will tube inside. Inside the current can be strong at some points during the wet season so be ready for some real adventure.

After lunch we will trek a few hundred metres to teh next 2 caves; Tham Hoi and Tham Loup.

Tham Hoi is 3km deep cave guarded by a large Bhudda figure. There is also an underground lake in the cave. Tham Loup is a large and untouched cave with impressive stalactites and some small Buddha statues inside. We will spend about an hour here so you can really explore this large cave.

Afterwards we will have time to relax at the Blue Lagoon 4 and swim before heading to the Elephant Cave and back to Vang Vieng.