Sightseeing Tours

Full Day Tour

Vang Vieng Sightseeing

Tour starts at 9am. We will then trvel 12km north of Vang Vieng to Ban Phatao Village. The people here are Hmong and you will learn about their culture and lifestyle. Then we will visit Khmu Village. The tour will teach you about the language, culture and lifestyle of the people of Laos.

Next we will visit the Organic Farm near the Nam Song and we will see and try their homemade mulberry products such as mulberry green tea and mulberry shakes.

Next back to Vang Vieng and to the oldest temple in town, Wat Thad. Here we can see beautiful paintings and decorations and then we will go inside to pray to the big beautiful Buddha. All the people in Vang Vieng have respect for this temple.

We will eat lunch at a local Lao restaurant and try local food.

Now it is time to go to Geng Nui waterfall. We make a short trek up to the big waterfall and on the way you will go through the jungle and see many small waterfalls.

The next destination is Tham Jang. We first have to cross the river by the famous orange bridge and then climb up the steps to Tham Jang cave. This is a very beautiful cave with a lot of history. There is one more cave at ground level with a blue spring that the children like to swim and play in.

After this we will travel 20 minutes to Blue Lagoon 1. This is the quietest time to visit and you can enjoy swimming and juping from the tree into the cool water. We will return to Vang Vieng as the sun is setting behind the mountains.